Real Estate Agents for Educational Progress


But how are the schools?

Starting in February of 2015, CEAM teamed up with Susan Sauer of Rome West Realty LLC, to provide local agents with more information about school scoring and the knowledge of school options available to their clients. We know that real estate agents often hear, “What about the schools?” and we thought it would be helpful to let them know. As a practicing real estate agent in St. Louis, Susan Sauer is, “reminded every day that the importance of educational choices is a top priority not only for families seeking to buy or sell residential properties, but also for commercial interests seeking to locate in the area.”

In order to ensure that real estate agents are able to provide home-buyers with accurate and up to date information on school options in St. Louis, CEAM created Real Estate Agents for Educational Progress, a similar program to our Parents for Educational Progress program. We meet with agents to update them with the latest educational developments in the districts they primarily focus on, provide them with resources about schools and their scoring, and other helpful ways to make school information more easily accessible.

Real estate agents who participate in Real Estate Agents for Educational Progress are more knowledgeable of the school options in the area, making them better equipped to answer questions from their clients. We provide them with resources that they can then pass along to their clients. Susan feels that, “as a realtor, it is my job to assist buyers and sellers in educating themselves about an area they are considering moving to. I try to provide resources for my clients to gather the information they need and connect them with professionals that best meet their specific situation.”

The goal is that the more informed you are, the better you will be able to navigate the educational opportunities available to you and your family, regardless of what part of St. Louis you call home. Susan feels that the Real Estate Agents for Educational Progress program, “allows real estate agents to better inform themselves and be better advocates for their clients, whether buyers or sellers.”

We would also love to come to your agency and talk to the whole staff! Please feel free to email if you are interested in hosting an agency meeting with us. Read more about Susan’s story here.


Meet the Faces of the Movement

Ryan’s Story

The Children’s Education Alliance of Missouri (CEAM) is an important organization in the Saint Louis community.  We became aware of CEAM through a business associate who helps people relocate to the Saint Louis area.  Through this connection we scheduled an appointment to hear more about the organization and how we could help our clients through the efforts of the CEAMTeam.

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Dana’s Story

It is detrimental to the stability and safety of our neighborhoods and property values to have vacant properties, especially properties as large and central to our communities as public schools.

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