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CEAM helps parents fight for better education

CEAM is continuing it’s Advanced Advocacy training program, now partnering with the Missouri Charter Public School Association to help charter school parents in St. Louis and Kansas City learn the skills needed to get more involved in advocating for the best education possible for their children.

This new series of training sessions will help over 30 parents learn the most effective uses of social media, how to testify before the state legislature, acquire tips for communicating with the media, and how to work with other parents to develop a network of highly engaged education advocates.

The first classes in this four part seminar were held this week in both St. Louis and Kansas City.

“The feedback we got from the parents this week was great,” said CEAM Community Outreach Manager Cici Tompkins.

“I am ecstatic about learning the skills of speaking,” said one parent. “I want to be heard and I want to represent Eagle College Prep with high honors.”

Another parent said they appreciated CEAM’s efforts to help charter school families.

“Thanks for showing support, concern, dedication, and warmth,” the parent said. “Thanks for caring about our children’s future and education.”

“I look forward to working and partnering with CEAM,” said another parent. “It is long overdue for the families who want the best quality education for our children.”

Tompkins said the training sessions also allowed parents who had been involved with CEAM for several years to share their own knowledge with parents who were just starting to get involved in taking a more active role in advocating for their children’s educational options.

“They are helping to lead,” said Tompkins. “This week one of them read her testimony in front of the group and next week another parent is going to talk about her day going to the capital this last session and share what it was like to talk to legislators.”

This is the first time CEAM has held training sessions in the Kansas City area.

“They are super excited about it,” said Tompkins. “They have active parent groups in their own schools so it was nice for them to have a chance to get together with parents from other schools.

“They have already been organizing a little bit on their own, so it is nice for them to meet an organization that can help them do that,” she added. “They are very ready to be engaged. It feels like these parents want to be part of a bigger movement.”


How to get involved

To get involved in telling your school choice story or to find out about future training sessions, contact CEAM Community Outreach Manager Cici Tompkins at cici@ceamteam.org or by phone at (314) 561-8646.

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