Reimagining Education

North County parent talks about the need for education options

Jacqueline Randle is happy with the school her children are attending in Riverview Gardens, but she is still considering moving to be able to access a new charter school in the Normandy school district.

Randle, an educator who has taught in private and public district and charter schools, says the move would make sense because the curriculum being offered at the Leadership School would be a better fit for her children.

“I just fell in love with the way it is modeled,” she said. “It isn’t just the high performance piece, but it allows them to be themselves and ask questions.”

So now Randle is looking for property in the Normandy school district so that she can give her children access to that educational oppportunity.

Randle is no stranger to the impact school choice can have on a student. She attended a private school, participated in St. Louis’s desegregation program, and attended a magnet school while growing up.

“In a perfect world you should be able to choose if you want to go to your neighborhood school, or if you want to go to the the science program that’s over on the other side of town,” she said. “I feel like there has to be a way to make that better for parents.”

She points out that every family is different and that we need a system that meets families where they are.

“Some parents don’t know anything about education and think that all schools are the same and some parents are in the know and know that okay if I want my kid to fast track to this college with this many scholarship opportunities I need to set them on this path,” she said. “Parents should have that option. Parents should have that information to choose what’s best for their kid.”

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