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MSIP 4 vs. MSIP 5: How does your school district stack up?

Last month, the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) released a working draft of the new Missouri School Improvement Program (MSIP) 5 Annual Performance Report (APR) for school districts. MSIP is the system used by DESE to classify the performance of school districts.

MSIP 5 is slated to go into effect later this year. Once the new system is in place, districts will be classified based on the percentage of points they score on a 140-point system, instead of the number of points they score on a 14-point system.

  • School districts that earn 90% and above of the points on the MSIP 5 scale will be “Accredited with Distinction”
  • School districts that earn 70%-89.9% will be “Accredited”
  • School districts that earn 50% to 69.9% will be “Provisionally Accredited”
  • School districts that earn 0%-49.9% will be “Unaccredited”

The changes could mean that more districts statewide, particularly those with struggling schools, won’t meet the minimum requirements for accreditation. For example, both the Hickman Mills School District and the St. Louis Public School District are provisionally accredited under the current system but under MSIP will likely fall under “Unaccredited.” The new system also raises the bar for top-performing districts. Some districts that are “Accredited with Distinction” under MSIP 4 might be reclassified as “Accredited.”

In an effort to better understand the differences in district ratings between MSIP 4 and MSIP 5 scores, CEAM created this spreadsheet. The spreadsheet compares the MSIP 4 scores in districts over the past 4 years to the draft MSIP 5 scores.

You can find out more about MSIP 5 at the following links:

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