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Mixed Bag of Scores for Missouri schools

Release of the most recent MSIP 5 scores defy some expectations, debunk some myths and highlight leadership among school districts this year.

A concern expressed by many school leaders and community members last year was that the academic performance of transferring students from Normandy and Riverview Gardens school districts would negatively impact test scores. That turns out not to be the case as we see increases for nearly every receiving school district. Congratulations to those districts whose scores improved not just because they were in the minority of the school districts that improved, but because they implemented strategies to help transfer students succeed.

The state of academic affairs in Normandy unfortunately got worse with a score of  7.1%. However in the similarly situated Riverview Gardens School District scores went up. Perhaps if Normandy had not been required to follow “last in first out” (LIFO) rules when they laid off dozens of teachers, they might have had a better result. The cuts were arbitrary and not based on any performance measures that might indicate teacher quality.

Riverview Gardens Superintendent Scott Spurgeon deserves recognition for his leadership there. Since losing accreditation he and his team have focused on strategies to improve learning and outcomes.

Check out your schools 2014 MSIP 5 Scores HERE!

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