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Lawsuit Seeks Removal of Deed Restrictions

Saint Louis City residents and education reform advocates Rex Sinquefield and W. Bevis Schock filed a lawsuit in United States district court today seeking removal of deed restrictions placed on the sale of closed public school buildings by the Special Administrative Board (SAB) of the Saint Louis Public School District (SLPS). The deed restrictions prohibit buyers of closed SLPS buildings from reopening the building as a school for 100 years.

Plaintiff Rex Sinquefield stated that “these deed restrictions do nothing to help the poor and under served children of the City of Saint Louis. In addition to denying young people an important educational opportunity, they contribute to the economic instability of our neighborhoods and create a dangerous situation for families. Clearly, this decision by the SAB is short-sighted, and they should completely rescind this egregious disregard for Saint Louis children and the taxpayers who paid for these structures.”

This is a policy that CEAM has worked tirelessly to reverse in order to provide children in the City of St. Louis with the best educational opportunities possible, including the expansion of charter public schools.

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