Reimagining Education

How you can join the movement to improve education in Missouri

CEAM is building a statewide network of students, parents, teachers, and business and community leaders, equipping them with the right tools to fight for a better educational system in Missouri.

It all starts with you! here is how you can get involved:


CEAM has trained over 700 informed, engaged, and organized parents across the state who are involved in policy change. They are equipped to communicate with other parents, school and elected officials, and the media to create better education policy state-wide.


Educators have the biggest impact on student achievement in any type of school. CEAM builds relationships with educators across the state as we work to provide all students with the best educational opportunities possible.


At CEAM, we feel that students should play an important role in discussions about education and school choice. Students for Educational Progress gives students in Missouri an opportunity to express their opinions about education and provides them with resources to make more informed decisions about their educational choices.


Education impacts our state’s workforce and the future of our economy. CEAM works with business and community leaders from across the state to help raise awareness of our state’s education challenges and grow support for real reforms that will help to build the workforce of tomorrow.


“But how are the schools?” The quality of education in Missouri impacts much more than our students’ success. School quality has a major and measurable impact on property values and the ability of a community to grow and prosper.


Education is influenced by much more than the classroom. Decisions that impact your child are made every week in school board meeting rooms in your district and at the state level. CEAM’s WatchDogs for Educational Progress work to make sure those decisions are fair and in the best interest of students.

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