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Empowering KC Parents: Unleashing the Potential of School Choice at CEAM’s Q&A Supper! 🌟

CEAM’s recent KC School Choice Supporters Q&A Supper brought together engaged parents and motivated legislators to talk about the need for more education options in Missouri.

The night kicked off with Kansas City area legislators, including Sen. Rick Brattin, Rep. Chris Sander, Rep. Dan Stacy, and Rep. Aaron McMullen, sharing their personal and heartfelt school choice stories.

As the night unfolded, parents took center stage, delving into an array of pressing school choice topics.

The discussions were diverse and meaningful, covering the expansion of the MOScholars program, the need to foster a supportive environment for Hispanic advocacy amidst societal challenges, and how to embrace special needs education within the school choice framework.

Additionally, parents passionately addressed the concerns of virtual education students and homeschoolers about ensuring they have equal opportunities to participate in local sports teams without barriers.

The event also shed light on addressing homeschoolers’ fears of losing their rights, with a strong call for a universal school choice system that puts the child’s needs at the heart of it all.

Parents and legislators alike left the event with a renewed sense of purpose, inspired to champion school choice legislation. The legislators offered valuable suggestions, urging parents to take action within their personal networks, growing the movement from the grassroots level. Emailing, calling, and connecting with legislators across the state were emphasized as powerful tools to drive change.

The legislators and parents were so engaged that the event stretched an hour beyond its scheduled time, with the conversation continuing to unite them in their commitment to revitalize education in Missouri.

Join the movement, and be a part of transforming the educational landscape for our children.

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