Educators for Educational Progress

Educators have the most impact on student achievement. Because of this, CEAM wants to build relationships with educators as we work to provide all students with the best educational opportunities possible. One of CEAM’s policy areas is Educator Effectiveness. We all want the most effective teachers in the classroom working with our students, but in order for this to happen, certain policies need to be in place that provide rewards to effective educators and help support educators who may be struggling. CEAM wants to work with educators and not against them because they have the ability to transform learning opportunities for students in the classroom.


Meet the Faces of the Movement

Steven’s Story                                                                                                                                                            

I have learned this year that meaningful education reform begins with teachers. There are so many voices with an opinion about education–policy makers, parents, administrators, and community members–but none of these stakeholders has the ability to transform learning for students like teachers. If we want sustainable change that benefits the students, we need to first support teachers in their classrooms. This is why I am passionate about connecting teachers and elevating their voices in the reform conversation.

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