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Meet Olive.

When Olive’s parents adopted their three children, they knew that the road ahead would have challenges…maybe a few more than the average parenting experience. Each of their three beautiful children faced social and emotional barriers due to their start in life.

Olive’s parents researched the local public school and came to the conclusion that it would not be a good fit for any of their three children. Friends recommended they explore charter public school options.

Thanks to the availability of charter options, Olives family found a great fit.  Olive’s mom recalled, “The whole school really came together to support our kids. They wanted us to be here!”

CEAM – Children’s Education Alliance of Missouri, is trying to make more options available to children in Missouri. We believe that every Missouri student deserves access to a quality education, now. We are an advocate, guide, partner and supporter to parents. We train and mobilize parents to improve education.

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CEAM is fighting for parents to achieve three goals:

Access – every student in Missouri should be able to access a good education.

Clarity – information about school and student performance should be easy to obtain and to understand.

Results – effective teachers using effective methods.

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