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Does your school make the grade?

Preliminary MSIP 5 data from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) is shining a light on how individual schools would stack up if DESE were required to issue A-F school report cards. The report cards would present parents and other stakeholders with clear, transparent information about a school’s performance.

How would  your school stack up if Missouri were to implement an A-F school grading system? Find out on this spreadsheetData in the spreadsheet is preliminary and was obtained by CEAM via open records request.

School report card legislation is on the table in Jefferson City, but has been stalled in the Senate Education Committee where an initial hearing was completed but the issue has not been allowed to be taken to a vote. The current bill would require that all the parents in each public school in Missouri be given a simplified school report card that contains a cumulative percentage score as well as provide them information on the schools’ academic achievement, sub group achievement, graduation rate, attendance, and college and career readiness. Learn more here.

Please join CEAM’s efforts to promote an accountable, transparent education system in Missouri and urge Senator David Pearce, chairman of the Senate Education Committee, to allow a vote on this important issue. You may call Senator Pearce’s office at 573-751-2272.

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