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Charter public schools offer options for families impacted by school closures

With the upcoming and potential closures of three neighborhood schools, Langston Middle, Cote Brilliante Elementary and Preclarus Mastery Academy, hundreds of students are left to find a new school. The advantage of living in St. Louis City is that families have options, one of which is enrolling in a charter public school. Charter public schools provide families with a wide array of choices with curriculums varying from arts programs to robotics programs and even language immersion.

Charter public schools are tuition free schools that are independently run to allow for more innovative programs and practices including, in some cases, longer school days and smaller class sizes. They are held to the same standards as traditional public schools and select their students with a lottery system to allow all applicants an equal chance at admission.

There are nine approved (grade “C” or higher or not yet rated) charter public schools for students living in north St. Louis city.


Elementary Schools:

KIPP: Wisdom

KIPP: Victory

North Side Community

The Biome

St. Louis Language Immersion- The Chinese School


Middle Schools:

KIPP: Triumph

KIPP: Inspire

Grand Center Arts Academy

Hawthorn Leadership School for Girls

LaSalle Middle School


For more information and the full list of charter school visit www.mocharterschools.org or call Cici at 314-561-8646.

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