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Change the life of a child today! Missouri education reform realized

The Children’s Education Alliance of Missouri introduces our Financial Aid Scholarship and Parent Training Program serving children with individual learning needs, to launch in the fall of 2010 with a pilot program in the city of St. Louis. This first-of-its-kind-program will inform our state on how best to educate children with special needs and advance education reform in Missouri.

Please help move us closer to our goal of giving parents the choice to send their child to the most appropriate school and of training parents to be advocates for their child’s education, two issues that we have been working on since CEAM was formed several years ago. Go to http://www.ceamteam.org/ to donate now!

Without a doubt, it will certainly create individualized educational opportunities for special needs children that are one teacher, one class, one school away from being able to lead full and productive lives.

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