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CEAM Map of failing districts

The districts listed on the map below are districts that are unaccredited, provisionally accredited, or dangerously close to losing their accreditation. While the Missouri State Board of Education determines districts’ accreditation status, when determining how to classify a district the Board looks closely at trends in the annual performance report, which is published by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).

The four types of districts included on this map are as follows:

Accredited Classification Held Over Until Next Year
Provisionally Accredited Unaccredited
Districts that remain fully accredited, but who have low Annual Performance Report scores. Districts that the State Board of Education is concerned about, and will review again in another year. Districts that the State Board of Education is monitoring closely because they have been underperforming for a number of years. Districts that have performed poorly for a number of years and have consistently failed to meet goals set out by the State Board of Education.
Overlay: State House Districts State Senate Districts
Districts: Accredited Classification held over until next year Provisionally Accredited Unaccredited

This map highlights the fact that failing school districts are not only a problem in Missouri’s urban centers, but that they are present all over the state of Missouri. Because of this reality, the Revised Missouri Statute 161.137 will soon affect districts in all corners of Missouri. This statute says that children in unaccredited districts have the right to transfer to a neighboring accredited district at the expense of the unaccredited district.


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