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Call to Action-Help Raise the Bar for Missouri’s Students



Call to Action

from Children’s Education Alliance of Missouri

Dear Friends,  

Raise the bar on accountability or maintain the status quo?

The State Board will be making that decision next month. Will they accept a much-needed update to the Missouri School Improvement Program (MSIP), or will they protect the lower accountability measures and standards that exist today – to the detriment of Missouri students, who all deserve a high-quality education?

The MSIP is the program used to grade Missouri’s schools as accredited, provisionally accredited or unaccredited. This most recent proposed update is known as the MSIP 5. Each time the MSIP has been updated, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) has raised the bar by making the standards more difficult and by challenging districts to ensure that each student has an opportunity to receive a high quality education. The MSIP 5 is no different.

You can help ensure a superior education for Missouri students by submitting comments through November 1, 2o11.



Show your support for MSIP5 in the following ways:



Submit your comments and

recommendations by









Mail your comments

and recommendations to:

Department of
Elementary and
Attn: Margie Vandeven,
assistant commissioner,
Office of Quality
P.O. Box 480,
Jefferson City,
MO 65102-0480







Share your comments and

recommendations by






Why YOU should support the implementation of the MSIP 5:




The MSIP 5 articulates the state’s expectations for districts with the ultimate goal of all students graduating ready for success in college and careers.

Models of  


The MSIP 5 distinguishes performance of schools and districts in valid, accurate and meaningful ways. Failing districts will no longer receive a slap on the wrist for failing Missouri’s students and then be allowed to carry on with business as usual. Additionally, high-performing districts will be recognized as models of excellence


Communication and Transparent Reporting The MSIP 5 provides regular communication and transparent reporting of clear data on district, school and student performance and results so parents can make informed decisions about where their children will receive the best education


Continuous Improvement and Innovation The MSIP 5 promotes continuous improvement and innovation within each district on a statewide basis in an effort to ensure Missouri’s students are ready for a 21st-century career.


You can help ensure a superior education for
Missouri’s students by submitting comments before
November 1, 2011. Show your support for the MSIP 5 in one of the following ways:


  • Via email (msip@dese.mo.gov)
  • Online (https://www.research.net/s/desemsip5)
  • Via the U.S. Postal Service at: Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Attn: Margie Vandeven, assistant commissioner, Office of Quality Schools, P.O. Box 480, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0480.

Getting access to a
high quality education can be challenging for many Missouri families.  The
Children’s Education Alliance of Missouri (CEAM) is trying to
change that through public awareness, community organizing and parental
training.  Their mission is to support public policies that encourage
access to high quality educational options for all Missouri students, including
those who do not succeed in a typical academic setting.

Children’s Education Alliance of Missouri

Phone: (314)454-6544.




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