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Support the #CEAMCares Covid-19 Family Emergency Relief Fund

The CEAM Team is working in real-time with hundreds of highly vulnerable Missouri families whose lives are being drastically affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. In all corners of the state, our families’ needs are already at the critical phase. We urge you to consider supporting CEAM’s most vulnerable families and please keep in mind… no contribution is too large.

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Support CEAM on Give STL Day

Improve education across Missouri by supporting CEAM on Give STL Day!

Missouri’s education system is at a crossroads. Our century-old system of providing education based on zip code coupled with schools that are failing to keep up with national standards means that too many kids find themselves without access to a quality education that fits their needs and learning styles. At the same time, the definition of a well-trained workforce is changing almost daily as new technologies and industries redefine our state’s economy.

CEAM is leading the fight in Missouri to reimagine what education can and should be for the future of both our children and the state. We are fighting for a future where every child has access to high quality, personalized learning and our state’s industries can count on a workforce prepared for the 21st century.

But we need your help to make that bright future a reality.

Changing a system that has been established for over a century requires a statewide movement of parents, employers, civic leaders and elected officials and the funding needed to help train and organize these passionate advocates to fight to make students a top priority in our education system.

You can help us achieve those goals by supporting CEAM on Give STL Day, a 24-hour, online day-of-giving event set for May 2 which is designed to ignite the spirit of giving across the region and support causes in the St. Louis area where we live, work and play. Since inception in 2014, Give STL Day has raised over $7.5 million for more than 900 regional nonprofits.

Mark your calendar for May 2, 2018, and bookmark this giving link:
  • Please make a donation to support us on Wednesday, May 2, 2018 (if you’re not going to be available on the 2nd, you can pre-schedule a donation, too!)
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How your donation will help us improve education in Missouri
CEAM is expanding our parent and civic engagement program statewide and building a network of community-focused advocacy groups in four geographic areas where we will support the interests and efforts of thousands of community leaders and parents in our shared education goals for the state.

CEAM is central to Missouri’s education reform movement and our knowledgeable and experienced staff is key to CEAM’s ongoing success.

CEAM’s staff skillfully engages charter school parents, parents of special learners, low-income families, religious school parents and leaders, foster families and others for whom an educational choice is critical and desired.

Through one-on-one meetings, door-to-door canvassing, advocacy training and visits to the state Capitol CEAM engages, trains and activates families with a passion for their children’s future to advocate for all of Missouri’s children and for the future of our state. We bring the personal stories of families to the political fracas in Jefferson City, to local and state school board meetings, and to the media.

Their message is clear:

We want the best possible educational options for our children in this fast-changing world and current systems and policies will not get us there.

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