Nicholas Elmes

Jun 28, 2017

Nicholas Elmes has spent his life learning what does and does not work in education.

Growing up in a family of educators in rural Virginia, Nicholas quickly learned the value a quality education could bring to economically disadvantaged populations.

In his previous career, Nicholas spent 15 years as a newspaper editor covering the intricacies of education policy in Virginia and North Carolina. Over the years, he saw how innovative practices could transform student success and opportunities in public school systems and how private and charter schools could provide new education choices for parents and students seeking programs better suited for their own children’s needs.

Outside of work, he also learned about a wide variety of educational options as he watched his wife, Melissa, move from teaching in impoverished inner-city public schools to a premiere private therapeutic boarding school to her current position as a professor at Lindenwood University. Nicholas has also learned the benefits and limitations of a variety of public school models as he has guided his own two children through rural, urban and magnet schools in three different states.

Most recently Nicholas has seen the innovation and freedom provided to teachers and administrators through Missouri’s charter school system after serving a year as an Americorps VISTA at a St. Louis charter school.

Nicholas is excited to be working with CEAM to highlight all of the wonderful innovations and choices available to parents as they take control of their children’s education.