Reimagining Education

John Potter

Community Outreach Associate - Central MO

John Potter is a proud husband and father of three daughters, who currently attend their local public schools.
After staying home for months on end and struggling to educate his children online, due to Covid mandates, John and his wife quickly got involved with their local school district and other concerned parents.
They helped form a Facebook group, an online community of local parents, with the goal of getting struggling children back into their classrooms. John petitioned his local school board to reinstate students’ rights to choose in-seat learning and held petition drives, throughout the community.
As a result of attending many school board meetings, talking with a variety of parents, and getting a front-row seat to students’ personal experiences at their neighborhood schools, John knew parents need more choice when it comes to their children’s education.
It is John’s passion to make school choice available for as many children as possible.