Reimagining Education

Cecilia S. Johnson

Community Outreach Associate

In a life filled with meaning and accomplishment, Cecilia S. Johnson has emerged as one of the conservative movement’s most compelling young figures. As the founder of UrbanPrivateSchools.com, she has helped create an environment in Missouri minority voices and issues are heard prompting real solutions.

In 2012, she took her first political position as a Volunteer Coordinator for Americans for Prosperity. Soon after, she started consulting on campaigns and giving speeches on her experience in the Republican Party and how we can attract more black people to the party in 2013, while working as the Urban Outreach Coordinator for Rachel House Pregnancy Resource Center, she founded her own organization called Hood Conservatives (now Black & Right). Hood Cons actively engaged the black community by displaying conservative ideas such as lower taxes, the issue of life, and school choice.

On July 14, 2015, her world changed forever. While at work, her 3-year-old daughter Amelia was accidentally run over by a car while with her father. Less than 4 hours later, and after emergency surgery, Amelia stopped breathing for the third time and was pronounced dead.
Less than one month later, Cecilia accepted a position running the Lt Gov. campaign for Bev Randles. Throwing herself into work, she traveled the state of Missouri meeting voters and working to make history in hopes of getting the first black statewide office holder in the state. Falling a little short that August, she continued to consult and work for local campaigns for HRCC. In December 2016, she took a position as a car salesman at a certified Nissan dealership, ultimately becoming the Owner Loyalty Manager.

Today you can find her giving speeches across the state and working to further the conservative movement in the black community. She is the former and the first black President of the Kansas City Young Republicans and is the first black office holder of the Missouri Federation of Young Republicans. She is also the founder of UrbanPrivateSchools.com. In 2012, she was awarded as Red Alert Politics 30 under 30, celebrating 30 young conservatives under the age of 30 working to advance the conservative movement.