Reimagining Education

Ryan Hawkins

Partner, Winding Creek Strategies

Originally from Moore, Oklahoma, Ryan has seen it all politically. Before joining Hilltop in July of 2017, Ryan spent over a decade as a campaign manager, communications specialist, and finance director in some of the toughest districts for Democrats throughout Oklahoma, Missouri, Arizona, Maryland, and Utah. His experience in moving the needle is invaluable for any campaign or organization looking to win in today’s tough climate.

In 2004 Ryan was a Regional Political Director and Regional Financial Services Director at the DCCC helping the committee go 4/4 with special elections. His ‘region’ included campaigns in Connecticut, Kansas, Alabama, New Mexico, Virginia, California, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. The work in 2004 helped lay the groundwork for the House to turn Democratic in 2006.

After two successful cycles at Democratic voter contact firms, Ryan founded and was the President of the Winding Creek Group from 2009-2017. His work with the DNC Analytics and the Obama for America 2012 Analytics Team revolutionized political calling leading Caroline Grey, OFA Director of Operations for Analytics to say, “Their work on our tracking polls and modeling ID’s was integral to our success on Election Day. We’ve worked with them through vocabulary changes in ‘data’, ‘targeting and ‘analytics’ and will continue our relationship with them wherever we go.” Very few people bring the depth of knowledge and value-added approach Ryan can bring to your campaign.

Ryan lives in the St. Louis area with his daughter, Anabelle, where they enjoy Cardinals baseball games and he has completely given up that his daughter will be joining him as a Dodgers fan…

In addition to his role at Hilltop, Ryan also serves as a Partner of Brushfire Strategies, a full-service telephone voter contact firm with offices in St. Louis, Boise and Washington, DC.