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Gillian Noero

Red Key Realty Leaders, Broker/Associate – Residential, Commercial Investment Advisor

Gillian Noero is a commercial, investment and residential realtor representing buyers and sellers throughout the St Louis metropolitan area, including single-family homes, townhomes and condominiums. Other areas of emphasis include farms, ranches and second homes throughout Missouri, including established businesses for sale as turn-key operations; strategic consulting to individuals and corporations on real estate matters; and new business development for potential major corporate financial clients.

Gillian attended University of Cambridge in England, and earned her Master of Arts in English Literature. She also attended University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa, and earned a Master of Management, Business, Economics, Law (M.B.A. equivalent). Her professional and community affiliations in South Africa include working as a delegate at the South African leaders’ visit to the US Congress, the US Senate and the World Bank in 1992 and she is Co-Founder of Women’s Development Banking (micro lending) with Mrs. Zanele Mbeki.

Gillian considers the single most important thing she has done in her life was to be a delegate to the Convention for a Democratic South Africa where she worked with national leaders including President Nelson Mandela. Over a period of two years, she was one of several hundred national delegates to negotiate a new constitution for South Africa and to set up structures to manage South Africa’s transition from an apartheid state to a democracy.

Since coming to St. Louis, Gillian has become an active member in the community. She was a founding board member of the City Museum and Shakespeare Festival of St. Louis. She also served as a board member of the Library Associates of Saint Louis University Libraries and was President of the Oxford & Cambridge Society of Greater St. Louis. In addition to her real estate work Gillian has been a business owner, worked professionally in nonprofit fundraising and has been a personal coach.